Sunday, 25 January 2015

Vertical Garden Flower Buckets

I acquired a few more flower buckets from the local supermarket and decided to have a go at making them into vertical growing pots. So 60mm lines drawn at quarter points around the circumference at 75mm and 175mm from the bottom and then between them at 125mm up from the bottom.

Soldering Iron to melt a hole at each end of each line, then again backwards and forwards until all the slots were formed. I tried a small glass coke bottle, but a broom handle with the end cut off at an angle worked best in forming the shaped areas with a heat gun.

I have cut some small bore plastic pipe to assist in watering, there are drain holes formed about 15-20mm up from the bottom again at quarter points. I will fill the bottom 20mm with a mixture of stone, sand, Pop bottle caps water retaining gel and compost.

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