Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ex Nursery Heavy Duty Seed Trays

The once used ex nursery Heavy duty seed trays I purchased off ebay have arrived 10 x 240 cell modular trays. Each cell is approx. 2 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm deep. There was a black one stuck to one of the 10 white ones,  so I ended up with 11 trays.

I have washed and cut down 3 of them to normal seed tray size which gives 8x14 = 112 modules per standard seed tray. The offcuts will be cut down to fit half and quarter trays. They have a nice little drainage hole on the bottom that I can use to push out the seedling when I want to move them on to larger modules or vending machine cups. I may also try tomatoes this way next year.

These trays have been purchased for my direct cell seed sowing of onions which I'm aiming at sowing late January / Early February if it's warm enough so that once germinated I can ship them out to the greenhouse in the growhouse on the allotment or perhaps under propagator in the space saver greenhouse at home and cover with bubblewrap at night.

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