Wednesday 2 April 2014

Thursday 1st April 2014

Started work early and decided to give myself an extended early lunch break on the plot. Watered the plants in the greenhouse and outside and managed to move all the things on beds 11 & 12 out of the way. Cut 1.3 m width off the damp proof membrane and bagged up a lot of the wood chippings. Topped up the paths around bed 10 and between bed 5 and the greenhouse on bed 6.

Laid out the dpm and added weights to keep it there - sprayed the weeds along the foot path and added weed membrane around the middle tree and started sorting out the slate chippings from the filter netting over the flower bucket adding a small pop bottle to get the water to the tree roots.

In the evening found out that my cousin has cancer and they can't do any more for him and he is caring for both his parents who are both seriously ill - My sister and I are making a trip to Portsmouth to see them all this Sunday so no allotment for me Sunday Morning

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