Wednesday 23 April 2014

Wedneday 23rd April 2014

OK remember I said I had to concentrate on work, well it's the wife's fault she asked if I could drop her around her sisters and it's halfway to the allotment - Resistance was futile and It was only an hour and a half (In my defence I was working late last night and early this morning) so guess what.

Yes I visited, and got one large barrow load of woodchip and topped up the paths whilst I watered and topped up the transplanted tomatoes. I updated the notice board and laid a little more woodchip around it as that's where we are going to leave excess plants and produce if we don't see anyone on the site to give them too. A nice idea from Michelle who has been given full credit and has bent my ears today three times walking up to my greenhouse and scaring the life out of me because I was so engrossed in what I was doing I didn't see her coming.

Below is a picture of the Harbinger and Sweet Mullians the others are not really big enough to transplant just yet but they will not be long. Still no sign of the late sowed Plum Tomatoes and still only 3 Money Makers. Ran out of time and still didn't get to top up the potatoes in the greenhouse Doh!   

On walking out I noticed that bed 10 is starting to show potatoes so I will have to visit and cover with fleece if we are going to have a cold night in the next couple of days.

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