Saturday 5 April 2014

Friday 4th April 2014

A quick visit to water the plants in the greenhouse turned into a longer visit as the guys from the council turned up to look at the problems I had reported with the wall behind my plot, the entrance gate and the fence along the boundary on the plot of land they are about to develop and where the fire brigade broke the fence down to access and put out the fire last year.

I had picked up some gel matting from the 99p shop and lined some seed trays with it and placed the peppers on it, hopefully that will mean I will not have to go down every day to water them as they appear to be drying out really quickly.

Yet another 100s & 1000s seedling and in the photo you can see the next little chap just starting to bend and poke his head out of the compost so that's eight in all at the moment. There appears to be signs of life in some of the other tomato pots with one or two very tiny seedlings showing their heads. Beetroots are doing really well and so are the spring onions.

The early potatoes I put in the flower buckets in the green house are growing like mad, on the darker side of the greenhouse and not so well on the lighter side , but they are different types of potato the Swifts appear to be living up to their name.

I had hoped to get some carrots in but didn't get time because of showing the council guys the problems that need sorting, same excuse as always no money and the rents don't cover the running of the allotments .... . . . . . . . . . . etc.

Water is back on so that will save me taking in bottled water.

Back home in the cold frame the cabbages, sprouts and fried eeg plants are all now starting to show. 


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