Tuesday 8 April 2014

Thursday 8th April 2014

A watering trip via B&Q to pick up two more 125L Bags of verve Compost - My daughter and her boyfriend came down to inspect the allotment to help me in and out with the very heavy bags of compost. They had not been down for about 9 months so saw the difference. I've had a promise of help and a BBQ lunch in couple of weeks, if it will actually happen or not is another matter.

Plants are all doing really well and I now have many more tomatoes showing, little seedlings are popping their heads up daily. 

29 - 100s & 1000s
  2 - Beef Steak
  3 - Gardeners Delight
  7 - Harbinger
  3 - Money Makers
  4 - Lizzano
  4 - Sweet Baby
  3 - Sweet Mullion

4 Peppers 2 of two colours and 0 for the other 2 colours

The Comfrey has gone mad and I've planted the last of
the excess bluebells from home in between them

The Apple trees are really growing well

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