Monday 28 April 2014

25th - 27th April Update

Friday 25th - Really busy so only a quick watering visit as the sweet corn dries out so fast

Saturday 26th  - Offer of help from Emma & Andy but again working all day

Sunday 27th  - Working until just after lunch then had to stop - too much time in my small office cell. In the late afternoon I went down to water again as I had not been down for 48 hours and needed a fix and to water the sweet corn again.

Situation report - nice puddles on the dpm covering the bottom of the site. Some sicko has dug up the woodchip I laid on the muddy path because they are too lazy to walk to the front gate to fill their bags or wheelbarrow - Fuming

Photo below looking up the site at the re laid paths around the potatoes and sacks of woodchip for the new paths, if I it stops raining and I ever get to dig again

The white grape on the left has decided to do more growing in the last week than it did all last year, the one on the right is working it's way up the wall again. The Red in the middle just looks dead   :(

The apple trees are going bonkers

Strawberries are doing well, just wish I had got them in a little earlier - I may need to give them some comfrey tea

No photo today but the comfrey has gone mad and have got flowers coming - must clear the pipe and refill plus get a photo next visit.

The first 3 beds of potatoes are really growing, and the last bed are now poking their heads trough the weed membrane and need a fleece cover next visit. 

There are now Toms in the greenhouse that need to be potted on to their own vending machine cups - I like to gradually move them up from pot to pot and that allows me to bury them with each re-potting so they get a good root system from the hairs off the stem

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