Thursday 1 May 2014

Wednesday 30th April 2014

Dropped off my daughter to work at the hospital nursery as she is on a late shift and will not find a parking space and as half way to the allotment continued to drip off grass cuttings for the compost bin and to pot on some more of the tomatoes.

Managed the Lizzano and one other can't recall which one now, plus watered the sweet corn more now showing their little heads, it really amazes me how quickly sweet corn grows. A bit of a tidy of the trays on the racking and a light watering.

Spent about an hour and half on the plot and I really did not feel like I'm achieving anything significant, but the little plants need potting on. Some were already too big for vending machine cups so they have gone into 90x90mm square wilko pots.

I used the bottom of a pop bottle and filled with water retaining crystals and filled with comfrey water. these went in the bottom of the square pots already fat with water and mixed up with about 10mm of compost before the toms went in. 

Evening visit to cover the strawberries with fleece after seeing the weather forecast, the only one on the site or so I thought - potted on some more tomatoes but felt like I was being watched all the time then saw him as I went back to the car.

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