Friday, 30 May 2014

Thursday 29th May 2014

An hour on the allotment at lunch time to get the first runner bean frame and strings finished and the plants in the ground as they are touching the top of the green house roof and are about to get to the point where they will start to intertwine.

As I was beavering away, the gate went clink as it does when someone enters the site. I looked up and there was my brother-in-law, who got out of hospital yesterday! Christ he looks thin and worn out bless him.

"We are popping round to see you later, what you doing down here?"

Turns out he dropped off his wife for a hair appointment and rather that wait for her decided he would come and look how his babies have been doing whilst he has been in hospital.

He has all but two beds planted out, and is always on top of things

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