Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunday 18th May 2014

Up a little later than usual, sent Surbie a message that I was on the way to the allotment. I had unpacked some of the woodchips and leaf and filled the compost bins up with them and I still had some in the car. I started to pot up the Plum Roma tomatoes as Surbie (Beryl) arrived and rang me so I could meet her at the gate.

It was really nice to see her again and I'm so glad the strawberries I picked up from her last year are finally in. I gave her the two and six guided tour of my plot and then like she did me last year when I visited her plot. We had a walk around the allotment looking at the other plots and my brother-in-laws who just spends too much time on the allotment and is always in front with everything.

I had already filled the table with tomatoes and was somewhat disappointed that I could only persuade her to relieve me of one of each type of tomato. I can't bin my babies but happily I have found homes for most of the current large excess, but still have loads coming on.

After bidding Surbie a fond farewell, as she had a lot planned for this weekend, I erected the grow house blow-a-away that Jen bought me two Christmases ago and set about potting up the tomatoes, some from vending machine cups into larger pots and others into co-op flower buckets. A number are making the trip home to fill the bottom of the patio.

It is incredible that mucking about with plants does not leave much time for digging, but looking at the height of the sweet corn that bed has to be completed next week hell or high water.

Home for about 1:30 Lunch, rest as I think the sun had knocked me out a little, then late afternoon, cutting the grass and tidying up the back garden, I could not face more time on the ladder mucking about with the tree.

Went back to the allotment about 7:00 to drop off the rest of the woodchip and to water the plants that didn't get any attention during the morning visit. I'm holding back on over watering the potatoes this year, and will only give a good watering once a week if there isn't any rain.

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