Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Monday 12th May 2014

No allotment today but I did phone about the two missing parts to my greenhouse and they are going to ship them to me but because of the length I'm not likely to receive them until Friday because they will come by a van and not in the post. Whilst on the phone I explained that I was surprised that there was not any bracing to the sides of the greenhouse?.

"That's will be because you are supposed to fix it back to a wall or a fence" I'm told, But I can't where I'm placing it - so after some discussion it would appear the same braces on the front will fit on the sides so I have purchased 4 more braces at a princely sum of 50p each two from the sides and two for the back of the greenhouse and it's costing £4 to deliver them!.

So for the sake of £1 - £2 why the hell don't just supply additional bracing to keep the greenhouse square, upright and rigid?

All timber has now had two coats of timber paint and this morning I picked up the hardware to fix the timbers together and some bearing plates for fixing the greenhouse down to the timber on my way back home. All polycarbonate has been sealed on the ends with see thru silicon to prevent water ingress and greening of the cavities.

I can not believe how fast the tomatoes are growing, they are now touching the glass in the cold frame and I have taken out the upside down seed tray they were sitting on to give them another 35mm of growth before they need to come out, and hopefully into the bottom of the greenhouse on the weekend.

I'm going to dig out the double space blow-a-way greenhouse the wife bought me two Christmases ago that never made it into the back garden for the allotment for tomatoes down there to keep the rain off and hopefully the blight at bay. I will be spraying with Asprin solution once they get a little larger and a little more robust.

Some of my excess tomatoes are being collected on Sunday morning and going to a good home.

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