Monday 5 May 2014

Sunday 4th May 2014

Up and out early on the allotment by 6:30 - cold to begin with until the sun moved around onto my plot.

 * Comfrey harvested and the pipe filled all the way to the top
 * Filled a hessian sack with Comfrey and put in the comfrey water butt
 * The last of the Tomatoes Gardeners Delight and Sweet Baby potted on
 * Bed 1 Weeded and watered
 * Spring Onions transferred to Bed 2
 * Onions sown in bed 2
 * Last two flower buckets of potatoes topped up with compost and all watered
 * Runner Beans sown
 * Beetroots 2nd Batch sown
 * All plants in the greenhouse watered
 * Bamboo frame 2 - for runner beans constructed ready for strings
 * One large sack of rubbish removed
 * Only 3 sweet corn now not showing   

I noticed that the potato plants have slight frost damage but nothing to worry about really, they are growing so tall and pushing the fleece up. It looks like we are going to have low temperatures again at the end of next week so I will leave the fleece in place for the moment. 

I left the allotment and home just after 1pm, a good mornings work but I didn't get time to dig bed 11 which was really my main aim, but all this other stuff needs doing as well, and the sweet corn will forgive me if it's not done for a couple of weeks.

Family want a family day tomorrow and I need to get the back garden done and my greenhouse erected.

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