Tuesday 31 December 2013

31st December 2013 - Extreme Planning and Programming to Succeed with Successional Sowing !

It's taking quite a lot of time but I'm creating a mega spreadsheet that has a diary on the first work sheet.

An audit of my seed collection with all the information off the backs of the packs on the second with the expiry date of the seed packs, amount of seeds, cost, spacing, rows and planting depths germination and anticipated sowing to cropping times,  so hopefully I use them in the most efficient order

A worksheet for every month with a list of tasks for home and the allotment, advice from all those books I have.

Lists of what I should be sowing in the cold frame and on the allotment and how many, and what I should be planting out and harvesting on the plot.

It has highlighted that I have seed for items I have not allocated space for and that I have allocated space for plants I don't yet have seed for.

I really want to master the art of "Successional Sowing" and max the production from the plot.

At least next year should be easier, and I can use this years spreadsheet as a starting point. If anyone wants a copy to look at once I've completed it, and perhaps modify for their own use, send me a personal message with your email address and I will send it over when it's complete or at least 90% there.

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