Sunday 22 December 2013

Sunday 22nd December - Sprout Harvest for Christmas Lunch

It's been raining so much that I can't really do any digging on the allotment, but I did go and harvest about 70% of the remaining sprouts. I'm leaving the small ones at the top to fatten up a little and hopefully I can harvest those in a few weeks time along with the tops to have like cabbage. I picked up all the fallen sprout leafs and put in the green dalek. Photo is after taking off the netting and before picking

I did manage to get the timber into the first bean trench but forgot to take my paper shreddings. I will chop up the sprout stems and bury with the paper and cardboard to rot down in the bean trench after Christmas ready for the beans later in the year.

Also managed to get the timber in front of the grape vine (second photo), I just need the trim up the small section one end next time I'm down there. The rain is doing a grand job of washing the mud off and exposing the slate, I just wish I had got around to washing all the mud off and out before I used them - Better than nothing I guess and hopefully will still keep the moisture in and the weed out.

Got a telephone call that my sister was dropping off presents, so made my way home so she could also collect some sprouts.  

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