Friday 13 December 2013

Friday 13th December 2013 - Unlucky for some

So after over a month waiting for leaves to arrive on the allotment I get a message from our contact at the council "the grounds team are not clearing leaves this year, so it’s unlikely that you will get any leaves from us this time".

If they not collecting it's more than unlikely I would say its Bl--dy impossible ;0(

So a quick re-jug and what was supposed to be overflow leaf bin store 2 becomes a fox proof cloche

The bread trays have already been cut down. So I drilled four holes along the edge with the handle and connected them together via cable ties and once they have been lined with some plastic, we have fox proof cloches for next year.

When they are closed you have a nice carrying handle in the middle and they can be stacked flat. I can see me getting some more of these, next time the pile outside the local corner shop builds up and they get fed up with them not being collected again.

All the offcuts from the sides are waiting for me to cut off the small returns at the ends and then they will be used as bed edging on the plot, which is another good reason for getting more of them.   

I dropped these off together with 6 black sacks of leafs from the front and back garden - I'm guessing there is probably another one or two bags worth still waiting to drop off the trees given another really cold night or two.

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