Monday 30 December 2013

Monday 30th December 2013 - Still Wet and Windy

Very Windy again today, I 've removed one of the fence panels as it was about to come away anyway

I was hoping to get to the allotment today but the wind and rain have prevented that, so I've started looking at successional sowing and I'm building a week by week spread sheet of tasks.
below is my plan for Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots and Onions, I'm thinking little gems at home and Iceberg on the allotment, however my main problem is so far I have not allowed a bed just for lettuce so something may have to give and it may be the marrow bed.

I'm wondering if one could grow marrows around sprouts to cover the ground and keep the weeds off? Like I plan to do with the Squash seeds Beryl sent me on the Sweet Corn Bed

The seed sower I bought off ebay arrived today, I had one of these but lost it last year somewhere, I bet I find it now I have another.

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