Sunday 29 December 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013 - Frosty Start

Up early and scraped ice off the car windscreen and windows - an nice frosty start and I hit the allotment about 8:30 photograph of plot 1A this morning.

Worked up a sweat and warmth by digging 2/3 of bed 10 and the path between plot 10 & 11 Viewed looking down the plot. Took breaks by removing the netting from Bed one and replacing the lawn edging with timber, weeding turning over and covering with manure

Weeded the half of bed 2 behind the pop bottle cloche which was frosty but had kept inside frost free, then covered it with a sack of Micky's Muck

Topped up some paths with woodchips and had a tidy of the timber store and the shed to make room for the nets and hoops. The roots of the sprouts and leafs were added to the dalek.

John saw the strawberries donated by Beryl and added to my collection from runners he took this year. - When the weed membrane arrives they will finally be going into bed 9. Topped up the comfrey butt with water and comfrey from the pipe. Finally packed everything away and made my way home about 1:15 ish

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