Thursday 2 January 2014

Thursday 2nd January 2014 - Mouth like Dudley Moore and Tougue Like JarJar Binks !

I broke a chunk off a back tooth before Christmas and had a Dentist appointment this morning thinking it may need to be extracted - but he managed to fill it and save it for another day. So I returned home with a mouth like Dudley Moore in 10. I looked at the Weather forecast for the next 10 days. On seeing that today was the best day in the next 10, I made a executive decision that I would visit the allotment for the rest of the morning, especially as I had lost the use of my tongue like JarJar Binks in Star Wars and could not really use the phone. (any excuse to get to the allotment really)

I saw that the Astra Windows people were moving out from their old premises and decided to ask if I could have some of the guttering, pipes and plastic to use to replace the lawn edging form the pile that had not yet made it into the container sized skip. Help yourself the man said, and even lent me a saw to cut it up into 2.4m lengths and 1.2m lengths. So I've got my nettle pipe, some weather board to form a roof on the timber store and enough edging for 12 beds.

I did manage to harvest all the rest of the Brussels, Installed the timber into the 2nd Runner Bean bed and trenched both beds and filled them with the stalks and leafs from the Brussels, I then added some cardboard and will add some more compost material over the next few weeks then cover.

Now back to the spread sheet and the programme, I will send over to those that have emailed me as soon at it's nearly there

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