Tuesday 21 January 2014

Monday 20th January 2014 - Digital Thermometer

Picked up a couple of Digital Thermometers from Lidl on my way back from a meeting in London.

One for my new Greenhouse and another for my brother-in-law for his new one and as a thank you for giving me his old greenhouse.

Runs off a single AA battery which is included. UK Instructions in the box for those of you that are thinking of picking one up.

This gives the temperature inside and outside and has an Ice Alarm 

Given some thought as to where to shoehorn the greenhouse into the exiting plan and it look like where I had the blowaway greenhouse last year after I remove all the pop bottle and the bags of sand and manure - Thinking I may just leave the slabs - I really need to see what I'm playing with and the relative heights with the timber / material store.

I've also located three more places I can squeeze some comfrey plants in. I was going to try and build a mini greenhouse on the side of the shed but now I'm thinking more of a store cupboard / extension

Moving the green dalek to the black dalek could release another 1/2 bed - Some thing to think about

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