Monday 20 January 2014

Sunday 19th January 2014 - I've got a Greenhouse

Lovely Sunny day but no visit to the allotment today as I wanted to go and get some more potatoes to start chitting  I ended up buying a 2kg bag of Maris Peer Second Earlies (26 seed potatoes) instruction on label

1. Set to sprout in light cool frost free place
2. Plant March - May when soil is well prepared and Warm. Apply fertilizer to manufactures recommendations
3. Earth up when 200mm high
4 Water when dry to avoid scab and improve yield

Sow 100mm deep Rows 700mm apart  at 300mm spacing's
First earlies June/ July
Seconds earlies July/Sept
Maincrop Sep / Oct

Picked up slug pellets, and various bits and bobs from the £1 shop including 10 cat litter trays for intercropping on the beds and holding the weed membrane down a Terracotta Pot for my Cold Frame heater (which will now have a new home see later...Very Big Grin)

Seeds (Yes I know I didn't really need anymore but they were there and cheap - 6 in 1 pack of easy salad collection pack including Carrot (nantes 5), Lettuce (little Gem) Spring Onion (White Lisbon), Radish (Cherry Balls), Rocket, Cress (fine curled) for 90p and Parsnip (Student) 40p and Radish Icicle (long White) for 40p Offer 3 for the price of 2 from Wilko so £1-30 better than the 50p seed sale. I do like the collection packs they are real value for money. 

Got home to find that my Brother-in-law is buying a new greenhouse and I have first refusal of his 6"x4" Aluminium framed and polycarbonate glazed greenhouse for the allotment - going to take it apart next weekend if the weather holds out. You guessed it that's the new home for the terracotta tea light heater.

I feel like a kid again .....  :nowink: I've got a greenhouse, I've got a greenhouse  :nowink:   

Beryl if you read this (and I know you will) - I now know just how excited you are feeling having got your one on ebay

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