Monday 4 February 2013

Weekend Update plus Before and After

Friday 1st Feb - Picked up 10 Slug traps (2 traps in a box for a pound) from the local pound + shop, never seen them anywhere before or perhaps I'm now tuned in more to the gardening areas ;)

Also the Backsaver Spade arrived, which is fantastic going as I only ordered a few days ago by letter and cheque.

Saturday 2nd Feb - Picked up a load of flower pots from a very nice lady (Christine) in Wimbledon via freecycle who has just planted out her new garden. 

Spend 3 hours (3:00 pm - 6:00 pm) up the allotment with the wife burning the contents of the drying bin - again both incinerators were half fill with ash by the end of the night. I think one more big burn up might just clear all the tree , brambles and weeds from the clearance.

Sunday 3rd Feb - Up at 6:00 and over the allotment by 7:45 – emptied the ash from the incinerators, then re filled them with alternating layers of paper and weed, trees and brambles etc. so both reloaded and ready for action.

I cut up nearly all the Hawthorne and Brambles straight into the incinerators so I didn’t have to handle it twice. I also filled the drying bin with the last load of material to burn, and now I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I just need some dry weather so I can start digging.

The three growhouse skins were bagged in a wheelie bin bag to keep the back of the car clean, and the four aluminium and broken glass windows were also bagged, plus various other debris so a car full came away with me about two and a half hours later to be dropped off at the dump on the way home.

The photograph of Before and After that makes me happy when I look at it ;)

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  1. The before and after pics look great! Soon you'll be able to garden!