Tuesday 12 February 2013

Rain Rain and more rain ....

The weekend was a wash out - rain rain and more rain - no bonfire the only gardening / allotment thing I managed to do was remove the handle and take the hinges off one of the three double glazed windows I'm going to use for the cold frame. Went to B&Q to pick up gravel boards to build the framework and picked up 5 x 20 Litre bags of no peat general purpose and seed compost at a £1 a bag.

Cut up the timbers to size ready for partial assembly - I'm going to make the panels up and ship to the allotment then do the final assembly there, forgot the old carpenters adage "measure twice and cut once" but I have plans for the all gravel board offcuts.

Monday - working from Home as I need to take the wife to hospital - and it's snowing...... ohmy In the early evening finished the cutting and now ready to drill and screw it all together, I have a couple of old plastic air brick vents that I'm thinking of putting either end.

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