Wednesday 6 February 2013

Flying Lunchtime Visit and more Soft Bricks

Flying visit to the plot during lunch time, dropped off the bits and bobs I picked up Sunday shopping into the shed.

Weighted down the tarp over the drying bin as it was starting be peeled off by the high winds we have been having over the last couple days. I used the three "soft bricks" that I had made and taken with me. I have about another four milk bottles to fill with sand once I've dried it out, and they will be useful when I have dug and started to cover with tarps to keep the weed down and warm up the soil. 

Did about half an hour of cutting up the last pile of Hawthorne and Brambles,  just a very small pile to do now, I'm guessing about another 15 minutes worth, and that will be it, ALL DONE and ready for the burning......... Yipppppeeee     Left the sack in the shed to keep it dry.

Really hoping for some dry weather over the weekend ....

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