Friday 22 February 2013

Thursday 21st February

At the beginning of the week I chased the council about the wood chippings for the allotment as they never arrived and I'm guessing it was because the snow did. So I thought I would pop down the allotment lunch time just to see if anything had arrived. I was surprised to see that they had dropped off a load but not between the two gates as I had asked, but actually inside the allotment.

The idea was to spread in the muddy area between the two gates and then barrow the excess to Keith's and my plots, then anyone else could help themselves to what was over.

Once I see more people down there if they want wood chips I will arrange another drop. So a quick 1/2 hour turned into 3/4 hour and I shifted a load onto tarps I had laid down to try and keep the weed down on the last area of the plot to be dug. Had to pick my daughter up from work at six so spent about another 50 minutes on there on the way home. Picture is at end of play dinner time after Keith had added to my pile for me. He is a good brother-in-law
 , and he reads this Blog ;0)

The pile at the back of the picture is where the lorry load was dropped and the gates behind are the second gates into the site - the first pair looking just like a timber fence from the access road.

Still working on the coldframe here and there when I get a moment in the evenings and weekends - bought another window frame home to melt off the handles and drill out the rivets to the hinges - the frame is all there bar the sacrificial timber at the bottom and holes for the slide ventilators. I will upload photographs once complete and finally assembled in place.

Received my 10 Comfrey roots ordered off ebay and potted them straight away when I finally got home.

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