Wednesday 27 February 2013

A Gift from God!

Wednesday 27th Feb 2013 - I recieved a request to look at a property that was just around the corner and on the way to the allotment - A gift from God! - So I had a full hour on the allotment as the travel time to and back to the office was booked to the job

As it happened Gary from work brought in 6m of blue water pipe which needed to be dropped off (and cut into 2m lengths) and I had another 3 soft bricks plus the two grape vines from Wilkinson, four cans of Everyday Value larger for the slugs and I to share (they didn't have beer, so I hope the slugs won't mind) and some other bits to drop off.

Had lunch viewing my kingdom, then some slow careful digging as not to get to hot and sweaty or mucky as I was dressed for office work. Dug into the bank of earth that runs along the North boundary and path so that I have a level entrance into my plot. The pile of earth is ready for the sieve and de-rooting to be used in and around the roses and possibly for a raised bed for carrots to take them above rootfly flight zone, of banking up the potatoes when they go in.

John popped in for his 20 minute lunchtime tidy / workout  

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