Saturday 9 February 2013

One hundred percent flabbergasted!

One hundred percent flabbergasted - I had to go to North London this morning to do a survey and when I got back to the office about 1:30-ish there was a small wooden crate covered in black plastic - Didn't think anything off it until I was told it was for me!

Opened it up and it's the Rhyas Petrol Generator I ordered yesterday with normal delivery which isn't suppose to be with me until late next week......

Listen you up there, I need some continuous dry weather for a week or two. I'm a man with all these new toys to play with.

On the way back to the office walking from the station to the car I popped into Lidl and picked up three grow pots, peppers and strawberry for me and marigolds for the slugs after reading about planting decoys in the gardening book on the way up and back on the train.

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