Monday 18 February 2013

Sunday 17th February

I just could not wait, up at 6:00 out at 7:00 after scraping the ice off the car I was at the allotment about 7:20 ish and had about two hours of digging, actual real digging with a fork - progress was extremely slow due to starting in the worst corner, the one with the brambles and hawthorne. But my plan is to clear along the wall and then work my way back across the plot. I have never seen so many weed and roots, taking it slow and clearing as much as I can.

I was all alone down there, just me and my robin who lives in the tree behind my shed, then the sun came out, and with the digging I was nice a warm and I could feel the sun on my face ...... I love it.

Back home at 9:30 to sort out my hound (we had to give him some chill pills so I could cut his claws) then shopping. TRASCO had apple and pear trees at £7 a tree, resisted, had lunch

After Lunch the wife and I returned to the allotment for another 3 and a half hours, burnt another incinerator of wood and cuttings - brought back a total of six garden bags of weeds and dross from the allotment which filled the wheelie bin at my Mums place. I may as well fill them each week until the house is sold.

Keep telling myself the rest of the plot should be easier to dig, but once the weed are out what a lovely drop of soil and it broke down to a fine till

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