Thursday 31 January 2013

Backsaver Spade and Free Fork

Not wanting to rotavate and cut up all the bindweed etc, I've sent a cheque off for a Backsaver Spade which comes with a Fork which is what I will use the most I'm guessing. see Freds Shed for more details

Dig a row- weed well before I dig the next

I will report how I get on with it. If it ever stops raining and I can actually dig!!

SUN at lunch time - I just could not resist - up to the plot and drop off the Chicken Poo and other bits that were in the back of the car and spent 1/2 - 3/4 Hour cutting into the last remaining area of Brambles and Hawthorne (It's been really bugging me that I just could not get around to finishing it) So I left the site with a nice pile that needs cutting smaller to go into the incinerator. 

Perhaps another job for a lunch time visit (weather permitting)

God I love getting away from the office and being in the sun, as I usually eat then just carry on working. 

Evening - drying sand in the oven to go into plastic milk bottles to make soft bricks for holding stuff down on the allotment. In the morning I will fill as many bottles as I can and seal the caps with some Fernox LS-X Jointing compound and external leak sealer, so hopefully with minimal moisture in there the sand will not go green in the bottle. 

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