Friday 11 January 2013

Leaf Mould

Not sure if I have mentioned but the site has not had a rep for a very long time, and I worked at the council for 18 years up to about 8 years ago, As I know the lady that manages the allotments and I was full of questions etc. She asked if I would like to be the site rep, after finding out what was involved I said yes I would do it.

So I have been chasing the council to clear the area between the two gates of the allotment as it was full of what appeared to be fly tipping although some turned out to be grass cuttings that one plot holder had left there for 3 years never quite getting onto his site.

That established it was moved into the allotment. The Council have removed the remainder except where the debris is in the brambles. I have arranged for leafs to be dropped of and Keith filled his Composter and bagged up some for me as it was dropped off last Thursday and I was at work (Keith delivers food for a large store, so works wacky hours and shifts)

The only other person on the site was the guy that had been storing his mould (grass and leaf) in the entrance and he didn’t want anymore     

Thursday night I started constructing one of two wire leaf mould compost enclosures for my plot

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