Monday 21 January 2013

Paving Slabs for Paths and Patio Area

Captains Log Saturday 20th January 2013

Up early (still dark) and loaded up the car with the two leaf stores and six bags of frozen sand I picked up from Jon via freecycle, to go to the allotment and hit it as the sun came up.

Back home to pick up the first batch of paving slabs for the paths and patio area and unloaded from the car and took to the site. – Keith was already there looking at his site and helped me unload and we laid them our in their final-ish locations over the carpet and plastic.

We then collected the remainder in both cars, and broke one in the process, so now 43 slabs. These have been added and stacked near to their final location. – Went home for a very late lunch. 

Then Jen and I picked up our daughter from work and returned as the sun was setting to burn all of the now dry tree and bramble/ weeds that have been in the drying bin (see 3 in the picture in below) – There is a really frustrating small area of Hawthorne and Brambles left at location 1- the pile at 2 has gone and the huge pile at 4 is greatly reduced.

Had to be said it was the best nights burning we have had and it lasted from 5 – 6:45 until we had used up all the material in the drying bin, and I’m left with both incinerators half full with ash. We have also exhausted the 2 boxes of paper and cardboard that we took to assist in keeping the flames rampant.

If the rain holds off Sunday morning like the forecast, we want to get down there to cut up the material under pile 4 and place in drying bin 3 for it to dry out more ready for another burn up. It will be soooo good to have a clear site to actually start digging.

I’m having real problem with my knee and I’m looking at the automatic shovel / fork as perhaps means of minimising the stress when digging the site. Anyone out there had experience of actually using one?

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