Sunday 13 January 2013

I Find Freecycle

Saw John today and he has said he would like some leafs, so I’m going to try and arrange another drop after the woodchips, not sure how much longer we will be able to get it, or if the council store it for their composting?

Thanks to this forum I have found out about freecycle and had arranged to pick up some concrete block edging and plastic water pipe from a chap in Epsom. It took me three trips and I worked at it from 8:30am – 3pm. But I now have some pipe (blue and grey) and enough edging to deal with around the five climbing roses I have picked up for the wall and to difference in level between the top of my plot by the shed and the path between me and plot 2

Had to say I felt really good whist I was doing it and then when I stopped and finally got home for some lunch, my muscles and joints started to let me know that they had been somewhat used and abused for the past six hours.

Picture above is side of shed where my plastic grow house is going and I forget mention I also harvested 3 bags of sand (in picture) - I've laid out some edging where the level difference is and tried to see how many I would need to go around the roses with the  edging upright.

Kerbs on Edge - Semi Circle Layout

When unloading I placed some around base of the plastic compost bin to see how many I would need for each rose - the answer was six - so the pile in front of the shed  with those around the bin will do if I lay them on flat.

The edgings are all the same colour the lighter ones are dry.

Got to be said Jon (the guy getting rid of this stuff) was a really nice chap and he has a bad back so couldn't clear the material and was happy to freecycle - I'm really happy he did - Thanks Jon and good luck for the future with that back.

(Going to send him some photographs so he can see where his edging ended up)


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