Tuesday 13 February 2024

Potting up Strawberries & Shallots

The strawberries were not supposed to be shipped until the 21st February but they turned up at my front door on the 9th February, so first dry day I put them in pots for a while to live in my Norfolk space saver greenhouse until I get my mobility back and can get down the allotment to get their new home ready. 

Strawberry Marshmello A+ Grade Fruit Plants 

I've kept 6 of each and have give the others to my daughter Emma for her to grow at home as she is the principal soft fruit and hard fruit eater in the family 

Only two bad shallots out of the 30 which is reasonable. and now they too will spend some time growing in the Norfolk Space Saving Greenhouse  

Shallots in pots in the greenhouse, watered with a neat little watering can picked up off Freecycle a little while ago.  14.7 C in the greenhouse which is not bad considering its was only 10C outside and felt colder in the shade. 

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