Saturday 10 February 2024

How To Choose The Right Shed

10x8ft Premium Shiplap Dutch Barn Shed from Waltons

I've been Mentioned In Dispatches yet again by Waltons in an article they published yesterday on their blog called How to choose the right shed: 5 tips from the experts.

Now I wouldn't claim to be an "expert" I always think that the definition of an "expert" as being  X: is an unknown quantity and Spurt: is a drip under pressure therefore an "expert" is an unknown drip under pressure.

I do however have "tried and tested wisdom gained" from my 65 years on this earth, buying and using various forms of sheds and from 2012 having had three half plot allotments with three different types of sheds on them.

Waltons have asked questions for articles with those of us that are deemed `gardening press' in the past and it's always interesting to see who else gets selected to give them feedback and how many of us have the same or similar opinions. 

The contributing bloggers and social media influencers included in this latest article include the people listed below and it's worth checking out their blogs and social media accounts:-

Blogger Claire Burgess of Claire’s Allotment

Instagrammer Greg Holton of @greggrowsuk 

Blogger Alan James Wooldridge of  Alan’s Allotment – 

Blogger Adam Leone of Carrot Tops Allotment 

Blogger Cassiefairy, author of the blog My Thrifty Life 

Blogger Alexandra Campbell of The Middlesized Garden 

All my answers to the Waltons questionnaire that they sent out to those of us that are recognised as `gardening press'  can be found in an Article I wrote and published here on the 22nd January called Lets Talk Sheds 

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