Sunday, 14 September 2014

I Now Feel A Little Like Davros

A lady called Shona in Caterham had a couple of daleks up for grabs on freecycle, and I arranged for her to leave them in the front garden for me to pick up on the way to the allotment. Luckily one fitted inside the other and I managed to get them both in the car on one visit and to the allotment by about 8:15

They just about fitted in the back of the Corsa and after lugging them to the plot I set about moving all the stored carpet and pallets, dug out the area where they are going to stand and de-stoned and weeded, nice to see some worm in there just waiting for a food source.

Dug a trench for the kerb stone and lined the kerb stone with weed membrane that tucks under the carpet pathway to the plot and under the daleks. Drew around them with chalk and then cut a hole out about 50mm inside the profile of the dalek so the worms could get in.

Covered the area with woodchip and then set about trimming back the marrows and courgettes and slicing small I started to fill the first new dalek.

Measured Mick's plot with him so we can check that the council are billing for what he actually has now he has taken on two more half plots. Came home for lunch about 12:30

With my 5 daleks
2 dustbin water butts, 2 super slim water butts and my big blue
water butt, incinerator, plus two plastic dustbins used for storage
I now feel a little like Davros with my dalek butt and bin army
Twin Water Butts on the Greenhouse and new dalek and butt arrangement on the Master Plan for next years planting ...... until I have time to think about it over the winter after receiving the seed circle package.

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