Monday, 8 September 2014

Elongated Lunch Visit

An elongated lunch time visit to the allotment to drop off the grass cuttings from the back and the leafs from the front garden and with cutting up more courgette and marrow plants that are invading the surrounding paths, plus some comfrey and a splash of used compost, layers of green and brown have now filled up two compost bins and thus I have just replied to a posting on freecycle offering another two compost bins, I hope to be lucky.

It has to be said since I'm taking more time to cut up the vegetation and ensuring a layered structure plus the odd adding of water it seems to be composting much better. The first smaller bin had rotted down nicely and was alive with worms and wood lice and other manner of creepy crawly insects doing their thing 

Washed the dust and rubbish off the Perspex and the water pipe obtained from John yesterday.

harvested the last of the tomatoes from the grow house so only the contents of the green house now need watering on a regular basis.

Next Visit the first job will be to cut pipe into lengths that will make a high level hoop cage for the sprouts next year without the need to extend the pipes a couple of months into growing. And just perhaps if levels have dropped again another top up of the compost bins.

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