Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yet Another Swift Visit...

Nice and warm again today 20 degrees C - and it's rubbish day, so I harvested all of the 100s and 1000s from the space saver greenhouse and all the Toms that are now red are in the fridge. All the tomato foliage is in the dust bin. 

I found too many slugs hiding under the gravel trays in the bottom of the green house and dispatched them to sluggy heaven. Washed everything and left out in the sun to dry - well until the cloud came over. The Peppers in the Space Saver don't look good at all they have a fuzz on them and look decidedly manky, I will post a picture on the forum to find out what I did wrong unless someone can tell me from here it's the picture on the above.
Did some work then in the afternoon then a swift visit to the allotment for an hour to water the peppers in the greenhouse down there. They are doing really well an one is even changing colour and going yellow. I took the debris netting off the side and roof of the greenhouse but did not get around to removing the one on the gable that's inside, a job for another day.

Fixed the fly net curtain back up at the shed door - what the eye can't see the heart can't greave over.

Finished adding foliage to dalek 3 and cut back the marrows and courgettes and I have found another couple of marrows and courgettes I did not know I had  So the biggest I brought back for my neighbour whos daughter is a warden in sheltered accommodation and shares it out to all the old girls in the block. Plenty big enough for them all to have a portion
Basil has been treading down my old spring onions and playing with a potato as a ball again, b1oddy thing.
Watered all the remaining crops then came home.

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