Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sprout Hoops

Later start as it's getting darker in the morning so at the allotment at just gone 8. It's been really bright sunny and warm and I soon discarded the fleece temperatures in the 23 - 24 range by the time I cam home.

I took two sack loads of grass cuttings from cutting the grass in the back garden last night and the skins off the 6 jars of beetroots Jen and I pickled yesterday and fed dalek 3

I then set about clearing out the rubbish from the shed in order to find the drills so I could drill the blue pipe and cut 1.2m lengths of plastic trim and drill holes either end.

Worked out half the circumference of a 600mm circle so I could drill the first holes so the tie forms a semi-circle at the top of the hoop and then drilled 600mm down and 500mm down. Connected the ties / struts with a cable tie and then stacked them on bed 11. I'm hoping that the sun will assist in making the hoops adopt the straight sided profile, I will need to sort something out on the ones that are still curving in at the bottom.

Spent the rest of the time weeding and tidying up the shed, and came away with a sack load of rubbish and weeds. Watered the peppers still not quite all yellow but getting there.

Job for another visit is to drill the holes at the end of 5 number 2.4m long members and at 800mm centres so I can fix to the four hoops when they get erected next season on Bed 1 which will be sprouts.

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