Sunday, 21 September 2014

Potato Harvest & Spring Onion Planting

Darker morning so I’m not getting to the allotment quite as early, but still there by 7:30 Cloudy start but the sun came out and I managed to get quite a lot done before in full sunlight.

Beautiful sang to me to say hello, and I got straight into digging up the second early potatoes from bed 9.

It’s amazing how many large stones and bits of glass I’m still clearing from the beds. Above is a picture of Bed 9 minus all the potatoes and a picture of the potatoes that were in a good condition on the staging drying out in the sun on the next post.

So the spring onions in the greenhouse are at a point where they need to go out so I planted four rows into bed 9 and watered in. Tomorrow they will get some comfrey tea. Picture showing setting out so that the hoe has enough work and strips of membrane offcuts (see picture above) can go between if needs be to keep weeds down.

Folded a sheet of membrane in half and covered up the access path end of the bed

The membrane used for the potatoes is very frayed and I washed it off and have brought home to seal the ends with the soldering iron, so I can use it again next year and perhaps a few more.

Harvested more marrows, courgettes that think they are marrows and runner beans.

Saw a field mouse so I will have to keep a look out around the timber store and the shed as there is too much stuff in there anyway last thing I want is lodgers.

Potatoes from bed 9 drying in the sun, quite a few hollow ones with a small hole in and most of the good ones have had a good sucking from slugs. They are smaller than the first early potatoes which I really don't understand. I sorted them into 3 bags small, medium and large.

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