Saturday, 20 September 2014

Planting Membrane

I have been cutting up a roll of black weed membrane using a soldering iron.

I tried on the first melt/ cut and it went really well. It cuts as it burns and melts the edges so that the edges don’t fray. Some of the weed membrane that I cut and formed a planting hole pattern has not weathers too well on the edges. I should have thought of using the soldering iron before.

I've placed a scaffold board on the Garden Table and burnt / cut on that. I must not get into trouble with the good lady wife, especially as I re Teak Oiled last week ready for the winter.

I’ve cut the profile for next year’s Courgette and Marrow complete with holes in the form of an X slots for the watering pop bottles. I may do that instead of melting holes for the plants in future

Now off to plant some lettuce in the back garden.

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