Wednesday 10 November 2021

Busy Afternoon

 A lorry pulls up outside the house.

The driver uses an electric pallet mover and places the 30 Bag Mixed Pallet to just in front of the entrance to my house. My Halloween Competition Win from Equigrow was on top of the pallet of Organic Green Compost, Premium Soil Conditioner and Fertile Mulch 

Organic Green Compost                  Premium Soil Conditioner                    Fertile Mulch

Organic Green Compost                  Premium Soil Conditioner                    Fertile Mulch

Equigrows 3 products are made from complete natural substances and are 100% Peat Free

Organic Green Compost is 100% green vegetation 
Premium Soil Conditioner is 80% Straw and 20% Manure 
Fertile Mulch is 80% Shavings and 20% manure 

Ten bags went to the store in the back garden, 12 bags went in the boot and the back seat of the car to be taken down to my allotment plots aka Avalon 

Eight more 40L bags went on the back seats

Thank God for the Wheel barrow and being able to back the car to the plot entrance, one side of the back seat was unloaded 

That's the back seat cleared, then it was time for the Boot to be cleared. Today I Broke my rule about working on the allotment during the rain as I really didn't have an option. 

Finally all the sacks were stacked behind my Greenhouse on plot 1.

I covered and protected the bags from the foxes, I've been caught like that before by Basil and his mates who will dig into it, if not protected. Also w
hat the eye does not see the heart doesn't grieve over.

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