Tuesday 2 November 2021

New Tomatoes for 2022 from Marshalls

Marshalls Spring Catalogue usually arrives between Christmas and New Year, however if you are prepared to have a punt around their web site you can find out what's New and coming for 2022

Marshalls have 12 New (To Them) Varieties of Tomatoes to choose from for spring 2022. 

We all got hit badly in the UK in 2021 from tomato blight and many of us lost the majority of our tomato harvests, I was fortunate that my tomatoes in the greenhouse managed to resist and that some of the varieties I had grown outside on the plot were blight resistant and managed to hold on. 

The 12 New varieties are listed below based on their Blight Resistance and their Disease Resistance, however what diseases they are actually resistant too are not specified?  What the different classifications of brilliant, good, high, and then unspecified level other than disease resistant actually mean is not explained! 

None of these tomatoes are listed as F1 yet I know at least a couple are!  Come on Marshalls give us more information on their  F1 status, growth habit and if we should be side shooting or not, don't make us have to drill down to looking at photos of the back of the seed packs to get this information.   

Crimson Crush - Not a truly new variety but one that Marshalls were not selling in the 2021 growing season. This tasty tomato variety produces a high yield of large, flavourful fruits and has a brilliant resistance to blight. It has been bred for outdoor growing, but will be just as suited to growing in a greenhouse.   

Cocktail CrushThis variety has good blight resistance and is ideal for growing outdoors. Sweet and tangy fruits weigh up to 40 grams each.

ConsueloExceptional variety with good disease resistance. Each plant produces up to 150 delicious, large cherry-sized tomatoes in clusters of 25-30. This excellent performer also has good blight resistance.

Mountain MagicThis is a high-performing, heavy-cropping variety with smooth, red skin, great flavour and high disease resistance. It is perfect for snacking, sandwiches or for cooking in sauces.

Brandy BoyThis tidy, shapely grower with good disease resistance holds the favourite flavour of the Brandywine heirloom tomato but gives larger, earlier yields.

ConsueloExceptional variety with good disease resistance. Each plant produces up to 150 delicious, large cherry-sized tomatoes in clusters of 25-30. This excellent performer also has good blight resistance.  

Consuelo is listed twice as it appears to have good blight and disease resistance, but does that mean that Crimson Crush and Cocktail Crush don't have disease Resistance other than Blight?

Tutti FruttiAn elongated cherry tomato which is high-yielding, and as its name might suggest, super sweet and full of delicious flavour. A vigorous variety with good levels of disease resistance.

Big DaddyAn easy to maintain, disease resistant variety with a long harvest season. 'Big Daddy' gives a yield of large, delicious, meaty, ruby-red fruits.

Cherry BabyHighly productive, disease resistant variety that quickly produces clusters of up to 350 delicious, sweet and light ruby-red fruits.  

GiuliettaA classic Italian plum variety, producing an abundance of juicy, delicious fruits which are perfect for sauces and salads. No mention of blight or disease resistance

HoneycombCherry-sized, golden-orange fruits with an exquisite flavour and a delightful, honey-like aftertaste. These exceptional tomatoes are grow elegantly on long trusses and each weigh an average of 15 grams. No mention of blight or disease resistance

Super MamaThis perfect patio plant produces oval fruits with a zesty Italian flavour and dense, tangy flesh, ideal for paste, sauces and soups. Each fruit weighs 150-170 grams. No mention of blight or disease resistance 

SupersteakA supersize tomato with the original "Beefsteak" flavour, meaty texture and most fruits weighing in at 500g. A European favourite. No mention of blight or disease resistance. 

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