Sunday 23 February 2014

Sunday 23rd February - Save the Planet Plant A Tree

Light rain as I made my way too the allotment at around 7:45, and it tried on and off all morning to rain, very windy down the allotment but lots of people there today John, Owen (at different times thankfully) Adi and Andy. Keith and Pauline were the only ones down there yesterday in all that sun.

So to work - I dug 3 holes and placed in a tap root barrier like I saw in the Victorian Kitchen Garden similar idea just didn't have a slab of stone lying around. The Cherry and Plums are in Flower Buckets from the co-op with holes burnt in the sides to allow water out.

So now my three wise monkeys have apple trees to look after

Next job as to clear the comfrey bed of weeds and plant a tray of daffs and bluebells saved from the hard landscaping works at home to add some early colour to the allotment.

And finally the strawberries have been put into the mesh fridge drawers and laid out on beds 5 & 8 so that all the component parts of the greenhouse could be laid out on the table top, so that I can put all the similar bits together, and try to work out and recall how the *&^%$£  thing came apart.

I did manage to bolt together the sub frame, so now I can measure and cut the timber joist to make a weighty base to the greenhouse and also raise it up so that I don't crack my head open every time I go into it. Note to self go and buy some angle brackets to screw timbers together inside. 


Just managed this by 1:00 which was my time to leave and make my way home for Sunday Lunch.

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