Sunday 16 February 2014

Saturday 15th February 2014

Last nights wind brought down more fence panels and the tallboy plastic shed across the path smashing the front on the retaining wall. I could not open the gate so had to climb over the retaining wall and trellis to get on the right side to pick up panels and the debris from all the broken ornaments from the tops of the brick and concrete store.

Went to the £1 shop and picked up 3 sacks of potting compost with John Innes added, some gardening gloves for Jen and another Seed Box (that makes Number 3). I have a large sack of pop bottles to go to the allotment and I'm hoping to get down there tomorrow to check on everything to see what may have been blown away or onto other peoples plots. If I'm lucky I may get started on erecting the greenhouse, but there is no way I'm installing the polycarbonate sheets until all these high winds are over

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