Monday 17 February 2014

Sunday 16th February 2014

A blinding morning down on the allotment, got there about 7:30 and needed a coat and the fleece, but as the morning went on the sun warmed me up and the coat came off. Walked in to find that the pop bottle cube had suffered at the hand of the high winds and had been torn apart. The four new plastic cloches I bought and had put inside the cube were happily safe and sound and had been blown onto the next bed.

The fence against the storage area was leaning over and split and there were the contents of Adi's store all over the comfrey patch and a lot of my bits had travelled to plots 2 and 3.

I cut the cable ties and placed the frames against the wall, one frame was completely knackered, I fixed one of the triangular frames and lined it with pop bottles and did the same for the second triangular frame, and rebuilt the pop bottle cloche but this time as a tent type structure

The busted pop bottle panel is the one leaning at the back of the tent in the picture below, I can recycle the pop bottles again but need to get some more wood for the panels. 

There were loads of bags of pop bottles inside and outside and behind the shed. I repaired the fence panel and drilled it then cable tied it to the storage rack so that it can't move any more then set about making up 1.2m tubes of pop bottles. I really wanted to start reconstructing the greenhouse or dig and weed but I did managed whilst clearing up to cable tie some bamboo to the hanging brackets on the wall for the cantilevered minty frame to come.

Andy asked me to have words with Jackie at the council about a replacement fence at the back especially where the fire was last year and the fire brigade trod it down to gain access.   

Fixed Fence Panel & Pop bottles stacks in the storage area

Looking at the 10 day weather forecast on Monday 17th February there are two days of light cloud which involve rain at sometime during the day and all the other days are either Light (6 days) and Heavy Rain Showers (2 days).

It's really not looking good for those flooded and for the possibility of getting anything done on the allotment.

Left the allotment about 12:45 to make my way home for a really nice roast dinner cooked by Kelly
A visit to the £1 shop after Dinner and came away with three sacks of potting compost with added john Innes, lady Gardening Gloves for Jen and another seed box, just managed to resisted the seed (they only had beans and peas) and plants

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