Friday 21 February 2014

Friday 21st February 2014 - Trees

After being told that I would not now be getting the greenhouse for my birthday can you guess what turned up today and now I have to pretend that I don't know what the boxes stacked in the hallway are until the 12th March

On the basis that I'm going to have a greenhouse here and one at the allotment I bought 2 sacks of Lidi Grandiol 20 L Seed & Cutting Compost and when we went to TESCO I picked up two bags of 20L Westland Gro-Sure Fine Grade Seed and Cutting Compost to add to the three bags I picked up from the £1 shop on the weekend.

Also a I'm now proud owner of Da da da daaaaaaaaa  Trees   :nowink:

   2 x Stanley Plum
   2 x Ida Red Apples
   2 x Stella Sweet Cherry
   1 x Granny Smith

So hopefully a visit to the allotment tomorrow to plant trees

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