Wednesday 19 February 2014

Tuesday 18th February 2014 - Sorting Seeds

Now that I have 3 seed Boxes I've split the seeds into
  1. Allotment
  2. Home - for starting off to take to the allotment
  3. Combined Home/ Allotment - Basically Open seed packets from last year.
After we returned home from Jens annual appointment at the Royal Brompton, I transplanted some more snowdrops, bluebells and miniature daffs from in front of the log paving area in front of the sheds that is going to get the block paving treatment once the weather turns a little better.
Jen has now decided after years of telling me that they look messy that she likes them and I'm to transplant them back in front of the kerb stones, once the block paving is done. I'm sure I will have too many and some may have too make their way to my comfrey bed for some early colour on the allotment.

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