Monday 3 February 2014

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Up and out early got to the allotment at 7:30 - carried the timber. the glazing for the green house and the door for the greenhouse into the site, came back for my cordless drill and some other bits and bobs.

Painted the side of the shed where the grow house had been and painted the timber I was going to use to make up the triangular ends to the pop bottle greenhouse

Started thinking about where I could erect the greenhouse and decided to lay the rest of the paving slabs that were stacked next to bed 7 - I felt really good for all the exercise until I came home for lunch and sat down and rested - I have a bit of a back ache which is a pain as I had to finish off inserting an airbrick into the external brick shed to try and sort out the condensation in there, especially as I'm about to put a small freezer out there to take this years harvest.

Bob popped in to move the compost from the entrance to his plot, he has been having problems with the padlock same as the rest of us but just has not found the knack yet. Keith and Pauline arrived mid morning to lay more carpet on their beds, and made a couple of cup of coffee during the morning which was most welcome. Andy turned up and was pottering about as sections of his plot are under water. I'm glad I have the plot I have because I don't have any flooding problems.

I managed to make two triangular frames up and have half clad one with pop bottles. I also fixed the hanging basket brackets to the wall which will form the top of my Minty Frame for my Runner Beans this year

Keith had told me about the offers at Wyevale or the Garden Centre as they call themselves now, So I popped down and picked up four sun tunnels reduced from £14 to £7 each in the afternoon before they closed.

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