Tuesday 2 January 2024

In My Seed Box For 2024 - Index


To find the information for a particular variety of vegetable being grown for 2024 use the index below. Hyperlinks will be added over the next couple of months as I catalogue the seeds I already have; and add to the list those I have either bought or new varieties that have been sent to me by seed suppliers to trial and blog about.  

Until I found out I had a tumour in my jaw, that turned out to be a form of blood cancer and for which I had 5 weeks of radioactive therapy, and then also developed the other mobility issues in 2023 I was looking at having the biggest and most productive year in the last eleven. 

I had to put the brakes on as the consultants started to look into what was  happening and how they may be able to treat / fix me, so I only used half the plot last year and thus have many seeds from last years plan to use this year. 

In 2023 Mr Fothergill's, sent me 27 new varieties of vegetables and a few flowers to trial. I've just heard that seven new varieties added to their range for 2024 are on their way to me.   

Dobies sent me 21 new varieties of seeds to trial in 2023, and again I have submitted my wish list and they are sending me 11 packs of seeds added to their catalogue and 2kg of Java potatoes and a Raspberry Tree to trial for 2024.

Suttons sent me 12 new varieties to trial in 2023, and again I have submitted my wish list and 21 new varieties of vegetables have arrived for me to trial for 2024.

Organic Gardening Catalogue sent me 7 new varieties of seeds to trial in 2023 and as with most seed companies other than Suttons this year, there are less new varieties added to the catalogues and they are sending me 4 new varieties out of the five this year to trial. 

Nothing to trial from Thompson & Morgan or Marshalls in 2023. Marshalls no longer believe there is any measurable benefit to providing trial seeds to gardening press and in fact they didn't even attend the gardening press event in 2022 & 2023.  

I emailed the Press office at T&M twice in 2023 and had no replies to my emails, which was very disappointing. I have sent an email in again to see if they are willing to send seeds to garden press for review in 2024. It will be interesting to see what response if any I get from T&M this year. 

Last year D.T.Brown, sent me a number of their new varieties to add to my collection and for growing in 2023.  and I've just heard that they are sending me 7 new varieties to trial for 2024 

I have been sent and have bought a number of seeds from Seeds To Suit and these are in the process of being added to my lists. I really can't recommend this small UK based company enough, they provide a reasonable quantity of seeds at very economical and reasonable prices. Their seeds germination rates are good, and the news letter is well worth signing up for.   

There are posts on this blog re all the seeds and products I have received to trial in past years,

Vegetables & Fruits 

To read about my New Seed Storage Method 

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