Wednesday 3 January 2024

In My Seed Box for 2024 - Onions From Seed


Updated 2nd Jan 2024

I have grown Onions from seeds in the past and was quite successful but for the last few years I have been using sets. I did have problems with white rot on Mill Green Plot 1A and I tried growing on my old plot on Spencer Road and still had white rot problems. 

I think the art is to watch and harvest as soon as one sees the signs of white rot and of course rotate the crops on the plot. I have decided that it's once again time to try growing Onions from seeds and I have just ordered some exhibition seeds. 

In the beds where I historically had some white rot in 2022, I have grew Calient Mustard that's a great organic means of creating a soil environment that's uninviting to the disease.

Review of Seed Stock in Packets with sow by from 2022

Red Baron                       - 175 Seeds - Mr Fothergill's (GYO)     -  Mag  - Sow By 09/2022
Senshyu Yellow               - 400 Seeds - Premier Seeds Direct    -     99p - Sow By 09/2022
Fasto F1                          - 350 Seeds - Marshalls                       -            - Sow By 09/2022

Review of Seed Stock in Packets with sow by Dec 2024

Welsh Onion                    - 250 Seeds - D.T.Brown                     -  £2.19  - Sow By 12/2024

Review of Seed Stock in Packets with sow by Dec 2025

Onion Galacticus Seeds - 100 Seeds - Dobies - £3.49
Redlander F1                  - 150 Seeds - D.T.Brown -  £3.99

Redlander F1 - D.T.Brown

The world's first downy mildew resistant variety, for reliable crops of delicious red globe onions. Expect excellent yields of mild tasting, large red bulbs which store very well when kept in cool, dark and dry conditions. The bulbs are of good quality and have a mellow flavour which is well suited for serving in summer salads.

Welsh Onions - D.T.Brown 

Despite its common name, this perennial onion is widely grown in its native China and Japan. Virtually evergreen, this versatile onion is great for giving a continuous supply of leaves and 'spring' onions through the year, plus white flowers in summer. It has a slightly stronger flavour than chives.

Shallot Simiane - 150 Seeds - Dobies - Cost £2.99 - Packed Year Ending 2021

Germination  10 - 14 Days

Alphabetical Listing of Onions I have grown

                                          Sowing           Sowing       Planting          Harvesting
                                          Indoors          Outdoors       Out     

Ailsa Craig                         Dec - Mar                                                Aug - Sept
Bedfordshire Champions                       Mar - Apr                             Aug - Sept
Ciboule Red Dragon                              Mar - Apr                             Aug - Nov
Fasto                                 Jan- Mar       Mar - Apr         April            August - September     
Giant Zittau                                            Mar - May                           July - Sept 
Hylander F1                      Jan - Apr                                                 July - Aug
Red Baron (T&M)                                   Mar - Apr                            Aug - Sept
Red Baron (Fothergill's)    Jan- Mar       Mar - Apr          May           August - September
Senshyu Yellow
Welsh Onion                      Feb - Apr      Mar - Sept                         March - Oct Once Established

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