Monday 27 March 2023

Installing Loft Conversion II

With it being a nice sunny day today I decided that I would load up the car with the now prefabricated loft conversion dormer window and take it to site and to the Plot 1A Greenhouse which meant clearing out all the dross that had been stored in there and having a good tidy up first so that I could remove the automatic opener and opening vent.

This greenhouse has been covered externally because I didn't get around to fitting the netting internally. That's another job that will be done at the end of this growing year when I clean the greenhouse out at the end of the Summer growing season.

It fit into the framing was so nice and snug that I actually used a couple of half paving blocks to weight the dormer down and hold it in place whilst I ran the glue gun down the dormer cheeks to weld it into place on the framework.

Here are the fans working viewed from the outside

Here they are from viewed from the inside

Both the Greenhouses now have their loft conversions fitting.

Dormer window before putting the blue shading debris netting back over the lower panel.

Plot 1A Greenhouse after the clean up, lots of coffee drying on the shelving.

Coffee grounds on the greenhouse racking drying out ready for storage into small containers with lids. Tugs of Starbucks coffee stacked in front if the fertiliser, I'm going to have to find another dry home for the coffee pre drying and storage once the season really gets going.  

Self watering pop bottle propagators ready for action top shelf and third shelf down looking right. Empty tugs and weed / planting membrane on the floor to the right.  

Whilst I was sorting out the greenhouse on plot 1A two foxes decided to chase each other around my Rhubarb and Raspberry beds on Plot 1, until they noticed me watching them and then the scarpered one after the other.

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